Our passionate belief is that your people are your Competitive Edge

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Our approach and methodology are proven in working with businesses to develop People, improve Performance and increase business Profits.

At Competitive Edge, our principle aim is to inspire people to learn and to want to be better. We help people to change and to improve so that they become the very best version of themselves.

Delivering ‘Best in Class’ training, development and assessment will engage your people, meaning that they will change their behaviour and become your competitive edge.

At Competitive Edge, we understand behaviour, we know how to change it, and we understand how learning happens.

We do this by engaging your people in transformative training and development. Our core focus and expertise centres on enhancing sales team performance, developing business leaders, managers and nurturing your future talent.

Our business is about working with your people to create new behaviours which will give you your competitive edge.


Sales Team Effectiveness

We work with sales leaders to understand their specific challenges and we help address them by providing ‘Best in Class’ training and development initiatives that help their sales team make lasting changes and develop profitable habits.

We gain sales team buy-in through thought provoking and stimulating engagement. We change behaviours through best in class training programmes, experiential learning and coaching.


Leadership & Management Development

Working with leaders and managers to ensure we understand their specific challenges. We help them by providing experiential learning and cutting-edge training and development approaches that challenge them to see things differently.

Enabling leaders and managers to grow as effective people helps them change from their current approach and develop new, fruitful and culturally aligned behaviours.


Graduate Development

To deliver engaging, best in class development programmes, we work with organisations to challenge the delegates in a secure environment. We provide exciting learning interventions to enable these people to develop the required business skills and grow into strong future leaders.

Respecting the attitudes and attention spans of the audience, we deliver appealing learning modules that encourage the right attitude and foster a willingness to change behaviour so that they mature into the professionals needed for business.



To facilitate change we support businesses to improve their performance by using three different coaching approaches. We offer Business Coaching to help organisations through change programmes; we offer 1:1 Executive Coaching to help busy leaders improve personal performance and we offer Team Coaching to build collaboration and foster accountability both collectively and individually.

Our coaching programmes focus on the heart of the matter and therefore build self-awareness, responsibility and develop essential behaviours.



Understanding your challenges helps us to design, develop and facilitate best practice candidate assessments. This avoids poor and costly recruitment. It’s imperative that we support you to identify the most suitable candidates by providing a rich assessment of capability, competency and behavioural suitability. We are subject matter experts in understanding behaviour.

We are trained in industry recognised personality tests, behavioural profiling tools and emotional intelligence tests. We are qualified to design and deliver assessment and development centres meaning we can support your recruitment, selection and development processes.

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About Us

The founding Directors at Competitive Edge are professionally qualified in all their principle learning and development activities. Collectively, Chris, Ian and Kevin have over 70 years of proven and successful experience in training and consultancy, working across a broad range of FTSE 250 organisations globally and SME businesses.


It’s not what we say that matters; it’s what the people we work with say about us that really counts. Below is a selection of personal testimonials, as they relate to various projects delivered at different times throughout the Director’s careers. If you would like to read more recommendations, these can be explored via the links below to their personal LinkedIn profiles.

Ian’s passion and commitment to learning and development is unquestionable. Ian is obviously motivated by developing others through his rigorous and challenging programmes. His enthusiasm, delivery style and approach are best in class. I have learnt more about myself, my leadership style and how others perceive me in the short time spent with Ian, than in the rest of my career to date. Thank you Ian. I would have no hesitation in recommending Ian as a world class learning and development professional.
Damian Wynne

Barrister & Sales Leader, Adv. APS

I was fortunate enough to be on a leadership course run by Chris – it was brilliant. The course was a real journey – we covered so much ground and he opened my eyes to many things both about those around me and about myself.

I’d recommend Chris to anyone looking to build a better team. You’ll learn about yourself, how you can put the talk of ‘team’ into action – and you’ll come away with a loooong reading list (If you want it!)! Great stuff!

Damien Hampton

Javascript, Node.js, Vue.js, Serverless, AWS (Lambda, DynamoDB, EC2, RDS), TDD

Chris is a highly engaging and professional individual with a wealth of knowledge and deep expertise in L&D. He knows how to fundamentally enable people to unlock their full potential and to support businesses in doing the same across their human capital.

I very much enjoyed working with Chris and valued his input, advice and contribution during what was a highly challenging organisational transformation period.

Peter Lederer

Head of Capital Delivery, Gatwick Airport

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