Transferable Skills

A Life Skills and Employability Training Programme for Football Academies

Helping to develop leaders on and off the pitch

Transferable Skills is an interactive character development training programme designed to help academy players grow key core character strengths essential for success in the game. Furthermore, it will help players understand that these skills are transferable and will provide them with an edge in many other settings.

The use of experiential learning techniques makes for engaging and fun sessions. Bringing to the surface individual character traits, behaviours, and areas for improvement, revealing a deeper understanding of the players’ strengths and weaknesses.

Classroom sessions then integrate key models to structure and deepen the understanding of observed character traits and behaviours and to assist development in these areas.

Sessions can be tailored to cover the full developmental pathway or to support existing provisions with a small number of sessions on a chosen topic or topics.

Topics Include:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Working in a High-Performance Team
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Personal Responsibility and Positive Attitudes
  • Resilience
  • Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving

Call: 01604 805634 / 0789 4110952

“Beyond the captivating delivery, it is evident that the programme is playing a pivotal role in equipping these young lads with essential life skills that seamlessly translate into the broader professional landscape.”

Ian Sampson
Northampton Town Football Club, Assistant Manager (formerly Academy Manager)

“As a parent of one of the scholars, I can say this programme has had a fantastic impact on developing skills not taught in school and will help any young person whatever workplace environment they find themselves in.”

Lisa Wyatt
Assoc CIPD, HR Manager and Academy Scholar Parent