The Selling Mindset

The mindset of a salesperson plays a crucial role in determining their results. People are more likely to buy from those they like and trust. Building rapport enables salespeople to create positive emotional connections, making them more likely to achieve their goals.


In the competitive world of sales, success will always hinge on more than just product knowledge and technical data. The mindset of a salesperson plays a crucial role in determining their results. A strong “selling mindset” encompasses understanding the psychology of selling, and it can significantly impact a salesperson’s ability to close deals and achieve outstanding results. The psychology of selling is a multifaceted field that delves into the intricate workings of human behaviour, decision-making, and persuasion. To harness the power of the selling mindset, sales professionals must first recognise the importance of these psychological aspects. For example, we passionately believe that even today, in our technologically advanced world, people buy from people first. Hence, establishing trust and a genuine connection with potential clients is paramount. The psychology of selling teaches us that people are more likely to buy from those they like and trust. Building rapport allows salespeople to create a positive emotional connection, making it more likely that they’ll achieve their goals.

In this learning domain, our deep understanding of psychology and behavioural science provides the perfect environment for salespeople to learn about the psychology of selling. We build an appropriate level of understanding around theories of motivation and what drives human behaviour. We explore the science of persuasion and the contrasting behavioural styles of sellers and buyers. We provide salespeople with unique behavioural profiles, raising their awareness to fruitful and limiting behaviours. The impacts and implications of failing to adapt to contrasting styles are explored and understood. Salespeople benefit from an insightful, fascinating, and enlightening learning experience, giving them a distinct competitive edge over those needing a selling mindset.   

Perfect for people in these roles
  • Sales Representatives
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Senior Corporate Account Managers
  • Account Directors
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding your unique behavioural profile, as well as fruitful and limiting behaviours and the impacts these have on you and others.
  • Understanding motivation and what drives human behaviour. The science of persuasion and the behavioural styles of buyers and sellers.
  • Understand how to develop trust, build rapport and create positive emotional connections and interpersonal relationships.
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