The Sales Edge

If you’re looking to significantly improve sales, our tailored sales training will provide your team with the knowledge required to succeed in today’s dynamic sales environment. Equipping them with methods and tools to build genuine customer engagement and deliver meaningful and sustainable results.

Depending on your needs, our tailored training programme will be a blend of these key topics:

Building Business Acumen

The most accomplished sales professionals possess a strong sense of commercial acumen. Therefore, the central focus of this topic revolves around exploring the significance and consequences of a salesperson’s commercial conduct.

Masterclass Negotiation

Effective negotiation is a critical skill for salespeople, and it comes with many challenges. Masterclass Negotiating helps salespeople overcome challenges and develop the essential skills and behaviours required to lead a value-based negotiation.

Growing Strategic Customer Accounts

Senior account managers play an essential role in nurturing relationships with high-value customers. This topic enables them to develop and demonstrate the behaviours and competencies required to unlock strategic accounts and drive sustained business growth.

Presenting With Impact

Delivering effective sales presentations is vital to the salesperson’s role but comes with challenges and fears. In this topic, we support salespeople in developing their skills and behaviours to present professionally and confidently with impact.

The Selling Mindset

The mindset of a salesperson plays a crucial role in determining their results. People are more likely to buy from those they like and trust. Building rapport enables salespeople to create positive emotional connections, making them more likely to achieve their goals.

The Professional Sales Process

A notable 61% of salespeople believe that selling is more complicated than it was five years ago. Yet it’s evident that many need help developing and implementing an effective sales process, which is essential for maximising their chances of success.

Strategic Sales Territory Management

Effective sales territory management is the backbone of a successful sales operation. This topic provides rich insights and awareness around effectively planning, organising and executing their efforts within their designated sales territories

Selling Your Value Proposition

What is your company’s value proposition? And, how do your salespeople articulate the proposition, internally and externally? This topic helps salespeople explore what value really means and how it will transform their approach to the sales conversation.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

We know that Emotional Intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance. This topic explores the relationship between the sales process and the five realms of emotional intelligence to establish how developing one positively impacts the other.

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