The Mentoring Leader

Mentoring delivers huge organisational benefits. This topic helps leaders become mentors. With a range of levels from introductory to strategic, it will help you develop and implement a mentoring programme based on your particular context.


Today, organisations operate within a tough environment where talent acquisition, development and retention have never been more challenging and important. Unfortunately, most organisations fail to do this well due to multiple issues, disconnected processes, and an absence of clarity around talent strategy. Each approach to fixing this will only work if it is understood. It requires an understanding of a complex set of interrelated approaches.

However, mentoring is one effective approach and provides huge organisational benefits. Our approach in the mentoring domain helps leaders become mentors, and based on your specific context, we can mould a range of approaches, from an introductory level to a more strategic approach, including the development and implementation of mentoring programmes.

Perfect for people in these roles
  • C-suite Executives
  • Company Directors
  • Middle Managers
  • Aspiring Leaders/Managers
Learning Outcomes
  • Gain a deeper understanding of mentoring and its difference from other forms of learning interventions.
  • Understand the role of a Mentor, including the characteristics and competencies required in a workplace context.
  • Understand the frameworks and models that prepare leaders to form and develop mentoring relationships.
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