The Leading Edge

In today’s competitive landscape, your team needs leaders who can navigate complexity and guide them towards success. Our leadership training focuses on positive influence, practical inspiration and adaptability, providing your people with the tools they need to lead more effectively.

Depending on your needs, our tailored training programme will be a blend of these key topics:

The Self-Aware Leader/Manager

Leading and managing others starts with understanding oneself. This topic helps leaders understand the impact and implications of their behaviour on others and how they should adapt and adjust based on the context and the environment.

The Commercial Leader

This topic challenges a manager’s commercial thinking regarding organisations, markets, customers, and financial constructs. Introducing new perspectives, understandings, and ways of working towards more profitably sustainable results.

Leading, Managing & Developing People

Effectively leading, motivating and managing others are the principal themes of this topic. Here, we introduce the pillars of coaching, the science of motivation, and their impact on human behaviour, interpersonal relationships, and business performance.

The Highly Effective Leader/Manager

This topic enables traction and accelerates leadership effectiveness in the real-world environment. It helps leaders apply their learning and leadership in the workplace to gain momentum and achieve their objectives to build and manage sustainable results.

The Mentoring Leader

Mentoring delivers huge organisational benefits. This topic helps leaders become mentors. With a range of levels from introductory to strategic, it will help you develop and implement a mentoring programme based on your particular context.

Leading a High-Performing Team

How does a manager create and lead a high-performing team? This topic brings awareness and clarity around applying the critical tools and approaches that help cultivate the behaviours required to create a high-performance culture.

The Management Tool Kit

This topic helps managers understand and execute a range of critical competencies, including recruitment and selection, interviewing skills, delivering effective performance reviews, managing underperformance and managing absence.

Coaching for Performance

Coaching is about developing potential and improving performance. This topic ensures managers benefit from new perspectives and practical tools to help them create a coaching culture that will engage, inspire and enhance the performance of their people.

Team Dynamics

Understanding team dynamics is critical to high performance in any organisation. This topic uses a blend of Leadership Development and Team Coaching to support senior teams in coming together to establish a clear purpose and build collaboration.

The Executive Leader

The role of the Executive Leader comes with unique challenges. Facing these and tackling these demands requires a particular skill set. This topic arms the executive leader with the skills and ability to adapt in a rapidly changing business landscape.

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Are you an ambitious leader grappling with a cultural shift or with specific skills gaps to address? Let’s explore how we can work together to achieve the results you need.