Team Dynamics

Team Dynamics

Creating a clear sense of purpose for executive teams

We understand the challenges today’s senior leaders face within the boardroom and the many dilemmas that stretch them. To effectively manage these challenges, the need for cohesive executive team dynamics is critical to a business’ success.

Executives don’t always see ‘eye to eye’ with their peers. And we know many individuals within senior teams often feel isolated. This leads them to operate in silos, defending their division rather than progressing company goals.

Too many executives can feel worn down and reluctant to change due to incidents of mistrust or unnecessary conflict.

Through this detailed programme, we steer executive teams towards increased effectiveness. As a result we establish productive behaviours and unite everyone around a clear sense of purpose.

Resolving problems

Executive teams consist of highly skilled people with exceptional talents. Senior leaders need to demonstrate decisive behaviours, which is a strength in many cases but could also be a weakness. Why? Because strong behaviours in overdrive can stall progress and create problems.

Problems left unresolved lead to cliques within a team which can adversely affect a company’s performance. Unwanted corridor conversations can be damaging, and inevitably, pressure in these situations eventually gets released.

Our understanding of such experiences has shown us that unless issues are challenged in the right way, the team will be caught in a damaging cycle of decline. The fallout often spills over into the wider business. And worst of all, in front of customers and suppliers.

Ultimately, a highly developed team with a shared sense of purpose provides a safe environment to challenge behaviours, change mindsets and create new ways of working.

We understand team dynamics

It has to be an organisational imperative to prevent or remove dysfunctional teams. We all know the negative impact they have on business performance.

Our approach to resolving these challenges has been meticulously put together. Delivering compelling sessions, we not only resolve unhealthy relationships but also establish positive and fruitful team behaviours.

Applying our experience and expertise in the field of behavioural science and diagnostics, we work with senior leadership execs to improve team dynamics.

Sessions are specifically designed to increase self-awareness, facilitate meaningful conversations and focus on both collective ambition and team responsibility. Through a balanced blend of leadership development and coaching, we help senior teams come together to establish a clear purpose and build collaboration around a united front.

Some of the modules we deliver:

  • True commitment
  • Focusing on ‘one team’
  • Building and developing trust
  • Horizontal accountability
  • Creating a culture of healthy conflict

Over the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of Chris’s insight, knowledge and enthusiasm of his field of expertise. Chris delivers the content with true passion and balances his style expertly. I have personally gained a great deal from our time together and so have the team I lead. This is translating into some truly great results.

Simon WatsonRegional Sales Manager - RS Components

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