Selling Your Value Proposition

What is your company’s value proposition? And, how do your salespeople articulate the proposition, internally and externally? This topic helps salespeople explore what value really means and how it will transform their approach to the sales conversation.


What is your company’s value proposition? How does it deliver value to the market? And, how do your salespeople articulate the proposition, internally and externally? These are quite literally massive questions for any sales organisation to answer, and if it can’t, it will most likely underperform and fail to reach its full potential. These questions are so important because, from research studies, we know that 74% of surveyed customers believe that the critical success factor in B2B sales is the ability of a salesperson to articulate value. Unfortunately, most often, they don’t. Instead, they engage in a transactional, product and price-based race to the bottom, and the commercial ripple effects of this on a business can be devastating.

Our significant and unique experience in this topic provides the perfect foundation for developing the key skills required by salespeople to understand and articulate their value proposition. We explore what value and a value proposition really mean and why they matter so much in a brutally competitive market backdrop. We explore the notion of differentiation and how this can positively impact price, profit, and contribution performance. We support salespeople in understanding key frameworks and providing challenging experiential learning simulations to bring their learning to life. Salespeople benefit from a transformational change in the way they approach the sales conversation. It’s a conversation that sounds different and adds immense value to the customer and the seller’s organisation.

Perfect for people in these roles
  • Sales Representatives
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Senior Corporate Account Managers
  • Account Directors
Learning Outcomes
  • Understanding value and differentiation and what these mean in a B2B environment.
  • What value proposition really means, and how it underpins competitive advantage.
  • Understand how your offer supports customers in achieving a competitive edge in their markets.
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