Sales Team

Sales Team

Assisting sales leaders
to build success

Your salespeople should be far more profitable for your business.

In a ‘comfort zone’ of repetitive behaviour, salespeople can behave in a transactional way; telling the customer about ‘product’ rather than emphasising value and benefit. As a result, there is no contrast, you are no different from your competitor.

At Competitive Edge we understand a sales leader’s pain and the challenges they face with the performance of their sales people. The work we do for our clients enables sales leaders to increase sales team engagement, improve sales team effectiveness and productivity, and increase business profit.

Too often sales teams focus on the wrong accounts, which impacts revenue and profit. They often underachieve; discounting too easily; and they don’t manage their territories as effectively as they could.

Whilst all relationships are undoubtedly important, we know some customers are more profitable than others. And it’s essential that salespeople focus their attention on priority accounts and leads.

Putting the necessary effort in to go the extra mile for their customers is a primary responsibility. Because today more than ever, your salespeople need to demonstrate and clearly articulate your point of difference, and the value your business can deliver.

True differentiation lies in the quality of conversations, not just understanding customer needs but providing a compelling case for change. Sales team effectiveness delivers that differentiation.

Avoiding missed opportunities.

We know how often sales teams miss opportunities to increase breadth of purchase through up-selling and cross-selling.

Hence, we work with sales leaders to understand their specific challenges and we help address them by providing ‘Best in Class’ development approaches that help their sales teams make lasting changes and develop profitable habits.

Some of the modules we deliver:

  • Building commercial thinking
  • Enhancing your sales edge
  • Psychology of buying and selling
  • Emotional intelligence in sales
  • Managing your sales district
  • Creating a value proposition

Ian has a deep understanding of what it takes to transform the performance of a sales team which has been built over a number of years through practical experience; over a number of years my teams have been inspired and motivated by the learning programmes that Ian has designed and delivered on a variety of commercial and leadership topics. Ian’s programmes always hit the mark in terms of tone, content and delivery.

Mark BannisterGroup Commercial Director - Adler & Allan

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