Remote Sales Effectiveness

Clearly, COVID-19 means that human-to-human contact in a field sales capacity is to be avoided.

Based on our extensive experience working with multiple B2C and B2B organisations, we recognise that selling remotely requires specific skills and behaviours, however, unfortunately most salespeople have not had the advantage of any guidance and/or coaching to develop them.

The degree to which your sellers are effective remotely will be critical, firstly in keeping your existing clients, but also in winning and growing new ones; so there are two important questions ask yourself;

What competencies and behaviours are required for successful selling, remotely?

How do I remotely upskill my people quickly and at low cost, as I am not able to place people in a training room?

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At Competitive Edge, we are subject matter experts in sales effectiveness and business performance transformation. We are running a series of high-quality, but very low-cost, remote access training interventions via an online communication and collaboration platform. Our SALES E.D.G.E remote selling modules have been designed specifically with current business challenges in mind and will provide an easy-access environment for your salespeople to learn about the fundamental sales skills and behaviours required for success in selling remotely. There are multiple benefits that learners will gain from the experience, which include…


  • Access to the training sessions from anywhere, join in from home, the office etc.
  • A collaborative, fun environment to learn new skills and engage with others.
  • Best in class training design and content, delivered by L&D professionals; we also have extensive experience in selling and are Fellows of The Association of Professional Sales (APS)


This programme will run throughout the continuing challenging months ahead, we passionately care about your business and we passionately believe that your people are your competitive edge.

Four bite-sized modules of 90 minutes each as follows…

Monday Module 1 E = Engage the Customer
Tuesday Module 2 D = Discover Needs
Wednesday Module 3 G = Generate Solutions
Thursday Module 4 E = Execute the Sale
  • Better learning and retention through four 90-minute bite-size modules
  • Free of charge, online follow-up Team Coaching session to support application and embed the learning (Completed one week after the training course)
  • Our SALES E.D.G.E training pack provided as a take-away
  • One hour 1:1 post-training coaching for salespeople (charged separately if required)
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