Our Supported

Our Supported

Friends of King's College Hospital

Our supported charity, The Friends of King’s charity is committed to providing amenities and comforts for patients and staff at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. As well as medical aids, teaching equipment, supporting patient care and the visitor experience.

The charity was set up as a voluntary organisation in 1917. And relies on regular donations from members, fundraising activities throughout the year and the help of volunteers.

All requests made for charitable funds are considered at their committee meetings. There’s no exaggeration saying over the years they’ve probably contributed to every hospital ward, department or outpatient clinic.

We’re delighted to support a charity that does so much valuable work. You can find out much more here.

How they support King’s

Their activities aim to support King’s patients and staff, whether through providing a service or raising money – and often both.

What they provide

Here are some of the contributions our supported charity have made to over the years, thanks to numerous donations.

Refurbishing key patient areas

Contributed £200,000 towards transforming Marjory Warren ward into a unique, sensory environment for older people, including dementia patients.

The ward’s new sensory day room has been named after long-term supporter of the charity, Rosa Davis. Without Rosa’s legacy this transformation wouldn’t have been possible.

Providing equipment to support patient care

Including safety testing equipment for patients with breathing problems who use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines at home. This means patients have to spend less time in hospital.

They have also supplied auto-tilt chairs for Critical Care Units and bladder ultrasound scanners for numerous clinical areas.

Helping to improve the patient and visitor experience

They have provided televisions and Nintendo games consoles for children on Princess Elizabeth Ward. Plus furniture and pictures for day rooms for various wards.

In association with their charity, Kingsfishers, they’ve also helped provide fold-up beds for parents who stay overnight.

Helping to keep patients and their belongings safe

Supporting the initiative by the Trust’s Police Liaison Officer, Graham Alldus, to encourage inpatients to use security pouches. These can be bought from their Gift Shop and the Trolley Shop.

They are big enough to hold cash, house keys and a mobile phone. Patients can keep them with them when they go for investigations, surgery or other care.

Supporting the Friends Stroke Unit

They provide equipment to improve patients’ overall care and experience on the unit. They also provide books and training equipment for the team.

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