ME to WE
Our approach enables people to look beyond themselves and work together more effectively.

Businesses and organisations are complex human systems made up of people who need to interact with each other in a dynamic and adaptive way. In a complex system, these interactions are as meaningful as the individual elements. Or, to put it another way – it’s the relationships that matter.

Our training will help your people collaborate better. Encouraging individuals to look beyond themselves and adapt their behaviours so they positively influence others and your organisation as a whole. Enabling them to work together more effectively and achieve shared goals. We call this from ME to WE, and it’s the golden thread that runs through everything we do.

The benefits of ME to WE 

For HR Directors

Our ME to WE model transforms Human Resources by emphasising teamwork, empathy, and support. It boosts engagement, reduces conflicts, and fosters stronger collaboration, resulting in higher job satisfaction, lower turnover, and increased productivity. Championing a workplace where employees feel valued and aligned.

For Sales Directors

ME to WE revolutionises sales by prioritising customer needs and building lasting relationships that increase trust, loyalty, and revenue. Incorporating the ME to WE model enables Sales Directors and Sales leaders to drive and deliver short-term results while cultivating a solid foundation for sustainable long-term success in their sales teams.

For Managing Directors

Our ME to WE model reshapes organisations by driving collective efforts towards common goals. Enhancing cohesion, decision-making, and adaptability. It fosters innovation, retention, and overall improved performance, empowering executives to lead a business thriving on collective synergy and shared success.

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The difference that Competitive Edge makes in its development programmes is tangible, and the feedback from our people who have experienced the learning has been amazing! Competitive Edge is no ordinary training company; their approach is different, and it really works. Thank you for taking us on this journey.

Kevin McGuinness
HR Director, Kärcher UK

We have used Competitive Edge to help us develop our sales teams and line managers. Working with Competitive Edge is always a great experience - they know how to engage people and create a rich learning environment. We have seen tangible improvements in sales performance, providing us with a genuine ROI. I recommend Competitive Edge to anyone looking to increase sales, profits and business performance.

Mark Bannister
Commercial Director,  Adler and Allan UK

Competitive Edge is a fantastic Learning and Development organisation. They approach training in a unique way, which supports our learners, challenges them to improve and helps them develop into strong individuals who deliver a meaningful change in business performance. Since using Competitive Edge, our sales teams have received higher motivation and better results.

Paul Meadows
Commercial Training Manager, Scania UK