Leadership &
Management Development

Leadership &
Management Development

Your leaders should create the culture your business needs

Competitive Edge work with both leaders and managers to enable them to adapt their style. We equip them with the wide ranging skills and behaviours today’s leaders need. Enabling them to successfully engage, empower and improve individuals, and nurture the success of the teams they lead.

We understand the many challenges and pressures of modern-day leadership and management. Today’s business challenges are ultimately solved by people who consistently demonstrate effective leadership capabilities.

Weak leadership, where these capabilities are absent, results in weak decisions, poor direction, low staff engagement and high staff turnover.

And it inevitably follows that, when people experience poor leadership, engagement declines, productivity falls and profitability decreases.

Improving business cultures

Unacceptable management styles breed a culture of avoiding accountability and stifling morale and commitment.

We see how many managers don’t realise their impact on others and that they have a responsibility to set the pace, tone and habits for their team.

Staff retention is proportional to management styles and the way managers lead their teams. Too often your best people leave because they seek better opportunities elsewhere with leadership that supports, challenges and inspires.

And we recognise that different age generations have different outlooks on life. One person’s idea of perfection is likely to differ from another’s. We know that one leadership style doesn’t meet the different needs of every unique person in your organisation.

Leadership & Management Development table discussion

We help executive teams increase effectiveness by uniting around a clear sense of purpose.

We understand the challenges that senior leaders face within the boardroom and the many dilemmas that stretch them.

Executives don’t always see ‘eye to eye’ with their peers. Many individuals within senior teams often feel isolated and therefore operate in silos, defending their division/position and their ‘patch’ rather than progressing the company goals.

Too many executives feel worn down and reluctant to change due to incidents of mistrust or unnecessary conflict.

Unresolved scenarios can lead to cliques within the team. This is how ‘corridor conversations’ start, and we’ve all seen the negative impacts and tensions these can generate. The pressures in these situations must be released to have a truly collaborative leadership team.

Our experience has shown us that these issues must be challenged, in the right way. If not, the team will be caught in a vicious cycle of decline and dysfunction. And the fallout often spills over into the wider business, or worse, is obvious to customers and suppliers.

Establishing productive behaviours

Executive teams consist of highly skilled people with exceptional talents. At board level, people need to demonstrate exemplary behaviours, which can be seen as strengths. We know that the wrong behaviours will stall progress and create significant dysfunctional organisational challenges, above and beyond anything a competitor is capable of unleashing.

And we recognise that effective team development provides a safe environment to challenge behaviours, change mindsets and create new ways of working.

Some of the modules we deliver:

  • Increasing self awareness
  • Commercial leadership
  • Leading a high performing team
  • Understanding team dynamics
  • Psychology of motivation
  • Delivering effective performance reviews
  • Handling difficult conversations
  • Coaching for performance
  • Best practice management techniques

Over the last 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of Chris’ insight, knowledge and enthusiasm of his field of expertise. Chris delivers the content with true passion and balances his style expertly. I have personally gained a great deal from our time together and so have the team I lead. This is translating into some truly great results.

Simon WatsonHead of National Accounts - Adler & Allan

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