Early in Career talent

We understand full well the myriad benefits and risks involved with graduates and ‘Early in Career’ talent. They bring with them new ideas and offer new ways of working which can transform a business’ future. This potential for transformation makes an effective graduate development programme critical when nurturing talent for the long-term.

So for exactly this reason we work closely with organisations to develop ‘Early in Career’ talent. We cultivate the potential that exists, helping graduates learn relevant skills and nurture the essential behaviours that enable them to flourish.

Doing things differently

New talented team members do things differently and can often suggest better approaches which frequently improve processes and enhance products and services.

People with such potential, and much to absorb and share, could be the future leaders of your organisation.

But there are potential challenges when employing people that have recently left education and are entering the world of work for the first time. It can often be demanding for existing managers to lead and manage them.

The impact they can have on others in the organisation, particularly ageing workforces where different mindsets and attitudes exist, needs to be carefully navigated to avoid becoming counterproductive.

Our graduate development programme equips young talent with the skills to address challenges and prevent situations counter productive to personal, team and business growth.

We know ‘Early in Career’ talent challenge the status quo, often appearing to want to break the rules.

In some environments this may be fine, in others, not so. Graduates bring enthusiasm and fresh ideas but often lack essential business skills such as commercial awareness and key interpersonal skills such as communication and relationship building.

These skills and behaviours are the foundations upon which strong leadership and management is built.

To acquire these skills and behaviours, graduates require specific support and challenge in their transition from student to suit.

Some of the modules we deliver:

  • Transitioning from full-time education
  • Commercial awareness
  • Collaborating with others
  • Working in a high performing environment
  • Developing emotional intelligence

I have been greatly impressed with Chris’ input on the training and development front and in leading some very successful programmes for graduates employed by clients. Chris has also been instrumental in developing some important client relationships and supporting those organisations through recruitment and change programmes.

Richard Boot OBE DLManaging Partner & Chairman at IRC UK Global Executive Search Partners

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