Building Business Acumen

The most accomplished sales professionals possess strong business acumen. Therefore, the central focus of this topic revolves around exploring and expanding a salesperson’s commercial knowledge.


We recognise that the most successful sales professionals possess a high degree of commercial knowledge Therefore, our primary focus in this topic is examining the impact and implications of a salesperson’s commercial behaviour. Our extensive research has yielded compelling evidence, indicating that salespeople across various organisational levels often need a truly commercial mindset. This deficiency creates a chain reaction of negative consequences, affecting business performance and profitability.

To address this challenge, our approach is a unique blend of fostering business awareness and implementing practical commercial agility. We collaborate with sales professionals to enhance their comprehension of commercial aspects, considering the contemporary business landscape and their roles. We actively encourage salespeople to reevaluate their commercial perspectives concerning their organisations, markets, customers, and financial structures. Furthermore, we assist them in gaining a deeper understanding of essential theories and models, supplementing their knowledge with hands-on experiences through rigorous business simulations that vividly illustrate these concepts.

Perfect for people in these roles
  • Sales Representatives
  • Regional Account Managers
  • Key Account Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Senior Corporate Account Managers
Learning Outcomes
  • Gained commercial acumen within organisations, markets, customers, finance and self.
  • Understanding business fundamentals, including operational and financial frameworks and how businesses succeed and make money.
  • Applying learning and experience to improve business practice and commercial behaviour.
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