Competitive Edge enables business managers to understand high performance behaviours, create ‘Best in Class’ benchmarks and identify talented, suitable people.

We understand that recruiting new talent, identifying hidden potential and developing existing team members into high performers is demanding.

Recruitment is potentially fraught with danger as bringing the wrong person into your organisation can have damaging short and medium term effects on teams, individuals and worse, your customers.


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The true cost of a poor hire and the resultant amount of time and cost needed to get it right is significant, equivalent to the annual salary, and often significantly more.

However, on a more positive note, businesses are full of untapped talent which needs to be unlocked. When people are given guidance and direction, they can grow and develop into highly effective individuals that meet business requirements and deliver on vital goals.

When businesses create effective assessment and development interventions your managers will hire and develop high performing people.

At Competitive Edge we help businesses create ‘Best in Class’ benchmarks and provide assessment tools and techniques to recognise potential and identify talent.
We work with businesses to understand their challenges and help them design, develop and facilitate best practice candidate assessments.

Businesses need to avoid poor, costly hires and we enable them to identify the most suitable candidates by providing a rich assessment of capability, competency and behavioural suitability.

As experts in understanding behaviour, we are trained in industry recognised personality tests, behavioural profiling tools and emotional intelligence tests. We are qualified to design & deliver assessments.

“Chris is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to Learning & Development. His ability to assess a situation and provide the best L&D solution his second to none! He is very intelligent, professional and customer focused, Chris always strives to deliver to the highest quality standard in whatever he is involved in. Working with him is always a pleasure.”

Daani Sadu, Global Head of People Development, Collinson

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