About Us.
We’re on a mission to change the way business leaders think about how they achieve sustainable success.

Founded in 2019, we’ve rapidly become award-winning specialist training partners helping ambitious organisations improve performance by supporting and challenging their people towards positive behavioural change. Our vision is to be a force for positive change across the UK and beyond by enabling as many businesses and organisations as possible to gain their competitive edge.

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Are you an ambitious leader grappling with a cultural shift or with specific skills gaps to address? Let’s explore how we can work together to achieve the results you need.

Our Senior Team

Chris Battye (FF. ISP)

Director and Executive Coach

Chris is an award-winning Learning and Development professional who enhances business performance through impactful behaviour change programmes. With over 18 years of experience, he collaborates closely with senior stakeholders to address workforce challenges, fostering a genuine enthusiasm for learning and improvement. He honed his expertise working with executives, graduates and leaders, nurturing their capabilities and enabling growth.

Ian Wearne (FF. ISP)

Director and Executive Coach

Ian is an accomplished Learning and Development professional with over 30 years of practical business experience. With a strong track record in senior leadership, he excels at aligning training and coaching with business strategy, consistently adding measurable value. Ian’s innovative thinking and collaborative approach empower organisations to nurture and retain talent while creating tangible value for stakeholders.

Louise Scott

Coach and Client Success Manager

Louise is an experienced Learning and Development professional who has excelled in critical roles within FTSE 100 corporations and SMEs across the UK and Europe. This unique exposure to businesses of different scales has enriched her understanding of the impact of training on management and team dynamics. Her strength lies in her ability to collaborate and engage with stakeholders, fostering clarity, unity, and purpose in learning programme execution.

Victoria Rainbow

Talent and Programme Manager

Vicky is a professional with over 15 years experience in the field of recruitment, assessment and selection.  As a qualified coach and programme manager she is responsible for overseeing our development and recruitment programmes and ensuring their successful implementation. Her strategic approach and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset in driving organisational growth through talent acquisition and development. 

Mark Thompson

Business Coach and Mentor

With over two decades in Senior Leadership roles, Mark is passionate about developing individuals. As a Learning and Development professional, he is particularly interested in youth development, including early-career adult training and mentoring that facilitates their entry into the business world. Mark also dedicates his efforts to helping children and young people in educational and sporting settings, offering guidance, support and life coaching.

Des Kennedy

Consultant and Advisor

A experienced professional in strategic design, communications, and organisational development, Des provides expertise to leadership across a diverse range of sectors. A creative consultant, coach and critical thinker, whether helping align organisations with their strategic goals, positioning businesses for success or spearheading innovative change, he brings a wealth of knowledge and high-impact contributions to any project he undertakes.

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